Why Timber Framing?

Our passion is authentic Timber Framing and traditional carpentry and this is what we do on a regular basis.

We think there is no better way to celebrate wood as a structural building material than by showing that structure to the inhabitants of that building.

We build; houses, barns and buildings of many different shapes and sizes. We also build trusses, gates, bridges and others similar structures. All of our work is hand-crafted, precisely joined and securely built using current best practices balanced with a respect for centuries of traditional timber carpentry.

Traditional Timber framing is the use of heavy timbers joined together with interlocking joints and pegs to form a structural skeleton for supporting something. Historically, it’s found in ships (shipwrights), barn construction, church and cathedral architecture, home construction, covered bridges, and small commercial structures; perhaps a farm stand or park band shell.

Post and Beam, while similar in its use of timbers, is often simpler in its design and connections; using metal brackets, supports, bolts and plates.

Design and Planning

Architecture, good design and thoughtful planning of any project are very important to us. A successful timber frame project begins with sketch concepts, drawings and creative collaboration.

The design then evolves to balance the needs of the structure, material choices, engineering and environmental factors. Upon meeting these goals, formal design drawings are produced and integrated with the overall project documents.

We provide these services with the help of dedicated timber design professionals. Springpoint Design is one our trusted collaborators. We can also recommend an Architect for your project.  Please contact us for that.

We are proud to have contributed to The Timber Framers Guild Plan Book, a publication of the Timber Framers Guild.

As the Guild says on their website,

"This is a collection of 14 timber frame plans available for personal, non-commercial use. The plans have been designed and built by Timber Framers Guild members and submitted for publication in order to share timber frame design challenges and solutions."

"Projects range from simple garden sheds and pergolas, to barns and complex compound roof structures. The Plan Book offers other information, including location and engineering data, timber list, roof and floor plans, bent and wall elevations, and standard and unique joinery decisions."

Methods & Materials would be happy to build any of these projects for you, after securing permission from the designer and then adapting it to your specific project goals

For Architects and Builders

Today's construction community is very specialized and segregated. The sub-systems that go into a building are growing more complex by the day. We are fully aware of the team effort in building a successful project, and we embrace the idea of participating on a team.

It has been our experience that the best way to integrate all of the specialties needed for a truly successful project is not by low bidder awards, but rather by selecting the team members early in the process, based on experience, expertise and desire to participate.

We can provide supporting services to Architects and Builders including design drawings, Engineering reviews, shop drawings, and technical advice.

For Owner Builders

Congratulations on deciding to build your own home. If you believe you can do it, so do we. To that end we will work with you and offer our experiences and expertise in helping you complete your project.

Our services and offerings are scaleable and flexible to fit your project. We have worked successfully with many owner-builders and find the experience rewarding. We are patient and respectful of your ambitions and will help to achieve your goals and objectives for the project.

We do not however, offer kits or build-it-yourself timber frame projects.

The First Steps

 As a good friend says, you need three things to have a project; a location, a plan and a budget. We can help bring those into focus and will share or thoughts freely and cheerfully.

Custom Trusses Crafted by Methods & Materials

If you have an idea you are considering for a project, we can help with that too.

The first steps are to communicate your ideas, plans and budgets to us and begin a conversation. Please reach out to us in anyway and we will be happy to respond. You can send drawings, sketches, call with an idea, cram the fax machine with notes or arrange an appointment to visit the shop.

Please consider though, we won’t ask you how much cars cost by the pound if you don’t ask us how much timber frame homes cost by the square foot. That is an abstract idea too tough to quantify.