A Barn By The Sea

Along The Connecticut Coastline

People don't often think of a barn or a farm by the sea, mostly because the area has been developed heavily since our arrival upon these shores. It's hard to imagine the natural coastline as it once was.

Timber framing was very much a part of the ocean. After all, when the New England shipwrights were not working with ships, they took their mortise and tenon skills to the local community for hire...to build barns and homes.

This barn belongs to a historic property along the shores of Connecticut and sits within view of the ocean. The client wanted a natural building; that is one made with recyclable natural materials - wood timbers, wood barn siding along with authentic construction. Our timber frame installation team did happen to enjoy a few traditional New England lobster dinners while in town.

Project Partner:
Kronenberger & Sons Restoration

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

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